The Process

How Does It All Come Together?

We will take care of as much as you want.

What can you expect from BTP Construction and their team during the process of your build:


Concept and Budget Planning

While meeting with you to get an understanding about what you want to achieve with your new project, we will also talk about your budget and design expectations.
Any ideas you have are a great asset to helping us understand what you’re after- whether it’s an architectural design or sketches on a napkin.

Most building rates (BTP included) are generally given in a square meter rate. These costs are for the building of the house only and usually do not include things like driveways, fencing, landscaping, basically anything outside the walls of the house. This is important to remember as there are many costs that are on top of your price for the builder that need to be taken into account. However, BTP Construction can provide a price for all these additional costs. We will discuss this in more detail later on – see extra costs.

While your design is still being confirmed, we are happy to provide you with an indication of price. While it’s difficult to come up with a fixed cost on an estimated design, we understand that an indicative cost can be helpful to decide if you can expand your build or if you need to cut back. Once again, if you are over budget BTP can help you decide the most cost effective ways to cut back while trying to maintain your desired style effect.

Deciding on a Design

During the process of your design, it is important to remember that this is your project and it should be made up of as many of your ideas as possible. The clearer you are on what you want in terms of the size, style, cladding and finishing materials the better. A clear design plan can substantially reduce your costs and BTP would like to assist you in achieving that aim.

We can arrange and assist an architect for you or we are happy to work with a pre-selected architect should you already have one. We have found it is often an advantage for the architect and builder to talk before the design is finalized. This enables you to make changes to a build prior to your consent being lodged saving you money while still allowing you the same end product.

Design Completion

Once you have decided on the design of the house the plans can be finalized and submitted for consent. At this stage we can provide a more accurate indication of price. If the local building authority requires changes, the price may alter but you will have a greater understanding of what the building costs of your project will be.

Deciding on contract type

Full contract fixed price vs labour only contracts vs charge up …it’s up to you.
A full contract is when the builder oversees the whole job from beginning to end.
They will supply all the materials specified and arrange and manage all subcontractors (e.g. the plumbers, electricians, painter, etc.). In this case, you maybe asked to make some decisions along the way, such as selecting any appliances, light fittings paint colours, tile choices, and some finishing touches if not specified in the plans and contract.

Another option for building is a labour-only contract.
This generally means that you will be far more involved in the day to day running of the project: arranging materials, subcontractors, making decisions and clarifying design decisions.
This type of contract is only recommended if you have some construction or project management skills, because you are responsible for the timeline of the project. If , because of your management, any part of the project is not ready or not available to the builders or subcontractor during construction, the cost will considerably increase.

Another option is ‘charge up’ where you agree to pay an hourly rate for the workers on site as well as a percentage margin on materials and subcontractors to cover the time and cost for the main contractor to arrange all that is needed. This is a good option if it is a difficult design or a job that may vary during construction because what you put into the job is what you pay for. There is no estimating on things that are difficult to price off the plans or in a concept stage. You gain access to the buying power and deals on materials the builder has. Through this type of build you have access to the long-term relationships BTP has established with subcontractors in the area.

To cover extra costs, you may want to consider having a ‘contingency fund´ when you start to build a house. This is usually a percentage of your total cost that is used to cover changes and additions that you may decide on during the construction process

Extra Costs

 Why does building a house always cost more than estimated? You will often hear that you have to have a ‘contingency´ when you start to build a house.

A price to build a house is usually just for the house. There are many other things that need to be organized and paid for. BTP are able to take care of the whole development for you, or offer advice and assistance if you want to be involved in any or all of the process.

If you are building your dream home, you may get emotionally involved to ‘add’ or ‘up grade’ things during the build. Often these changes seem small – maybe only $1000 to move doors, or put in a marble bench top. After ten similar decisions the cost starts to add up. The more you plan before you start your build, the less likely you are to make these impulse changes. BTP are here to advise the possibilities at the same time as reminding you of your initial budget.

How long is it going to take?

How long is a piece of string? This will depend on the type of job, size and finishing required, all of which are up to you and can change during the building process.
However as guideline the timeframe for an average size family home (3-4 bedroom house) from concept to complete is about 7 – 9 months, made up by is about 3-4 months of planning which includes submitting plans to council and then 4-5 months to complete the job.

At BTP Construction a timeframe can be written into your contract. However, there are additional factors that need to be considered and would be additional to the contractual terms. Some examples include, the time of year and therefore weather, the type of access to the site, and the readiness of type of materials that are to be used. Again, BTP Construction will be there to advise you of all these factors.

What happens when the house is done?

At the completion of the job BTP will apply to the local authority for a Code of Compliance Certificate for the house, meaning that is complies to all local and building code standards, and that it has been built correctly to the plans submitted for building consent.

The house will be handed over to you to move in. But our support and commitment won’t stop there. We will be around to help, with any issues that you may find once you start living in the property. Also if you do find anything that we can do to help make your home fit to your lifestyle we can assist in making that happen.

We don’t just want to build you a house and disappear, we want to build a relationship with you that will continue for as long as it is needed.

You will also receive your Master Builders Guarantee with the house to give you and sequential purchases peace of mind that you have continued support, not only from BTP, but from the Master Builders Organisation.  For more information about Master Builders, visit FAQs.